(Brothas Reaching Others)

BBP BROS is now entering its 3rd year and each year proves to be more and more successful.  We believe in what we do and the mission of the movement and want to share it with the masses.  We are so very proud that so many of you are doing the same, bringing new people each year and growing the Brothahood.


If you are interested in becoming a BBP BRO, you can go to and enroll.  When you enroll, you will be assigned a BBP BRO referral code.  You will share this code with any new prospective BBP attendee and they MUST include this referral code when they register in order for you to receive credit.  This is the only way that we can effectively track the program


Please review the criteria and let us know if you have any questions.  Please email


BBP Brothas Reaching Others (BBP BROs) Requirements:


Ways to earn credits:

  • You earn credits when new participants register and reference your referral code.

  • When you volunteer at BBP events.


Here are the rules:

  • You must be a paid registrant for BBP 2016 in order to enroll.

  • When you enroll, you will be assigned a BBP BRO referral code.  *You will share this code with any new prospective BBP attendees and they must include this referral code when they register.  Once Twelve (12) new participants have registered, your registration will be credited back to you by March 29th. 

  • We can only award you credit if the registrants list your referral code on the registration form. This is how we will be able to assess credits for you. 

  • For those enrolled in the program, you will also receive one credit towards each volunteer activity during BBP 2016. This credit will be applied towards BBP 2017.


How we will help:

  • We will provide you with online marketing materials that you can use to promote BBP online, through text and social media

  • If you desire, we will assist you with setting up mixers in your local area.

  • We will provide you with printed flyers that you can distribute in your local area and beyond. You will be able to label these flyers with your unique referral code.​​​​​​​​​

Text BBP to 94253 to be notified of BBP's upcoming events. If you're unsuccessful in signing up for our text messages, please click here and fill out the form and we will add you.

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