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Big Boy Pride 2022


What is
Big Boy Pride?

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The Official Big Boy Pride is a Gay Pride event that's community-driven. Our primary focus is promoting self-love for the skin that you're in, no matter your hue, color, shape, or size. We celebrate every individual's uniqueness while nurturing their confidence and making it sustainable.


Registration Is Open

The Official Big Boy Pride Registration is open until March 2022

A Four Day

Weekend of 




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Your BBP 2022 Registration Includes:

  • Access to all Big Boy Pride events and activities

  • Admission to off site pre and post parties

  • Nightly Live Entertainment by National Artist

  • Themed Nightly Parties

  • Pool Parties

  • Meet n Greet Meal

  • Sunday Family Reunion Meal

  • Prom Night Party w/ Dinner

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Changing The Shape of Pride

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Our History

Big Boy Pride was born out of a need in the Big Boy community. All of the other events for Big Boys and their supporters to attend are attached to other Pride events or holiday weekends. The men in the Big Boy community and their admirers are so unique that we deserve a weekend that is all our own - created just for us. During Spring Fling 2011, Tony Brown and Jay Torrence recognized the magnitude of what had developed among the men in attendance and believed that the experience needed to be taken to the next level. Thus, big boy Pride was born.

What We Do

Big Boy Pride is a four-day event that fosters the empowerment and togetherness of same-gender-loving larger men and those who support them.


Big Boy Pride is about brotherhood, self-love and awareness, relationship building, and elevating consciousness in the Big Boy community and the public. There are pool parties, group discussions, live entertainment, seminars, cocktail parties, and lots of fun activities. In addition, we present relevant seminars to heighten education on health and personal issues, activities that will foster camaraderie, and events that cultivate togetherness and pride in self and the collective Big Boy community.