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Become a Vendor at Big Boy Pride 2022

bbp2022 vendor.png

As part of our effort to support small businesses and further our networking goal, we are proud to announce vending opportunities for Big Boy Pride. These vending stations are for April 28th - May 1st, 2022, and will be in designated areas at the Hilton Doubletree SeaWorld Resort.


All fees are due upon submission of the Vendor application. Vending prices per day:

  • Thursday, April 28th - $100

  • Friday, April 29th - $125

  • Saturday, April 30th - $200

  • Sunday, May 1st- $100

  • 4-day Vending Discounted Package Available

  • Night Time Vending Opportunities available 

If you are interested in Vendor opportunities at The Official Big Boy Pride 2022: Love Is The Message, please click Vendors Wanted below for more info or to apply for a vending opportunity.

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